The episode begins during the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad's latest investigation at an abandoned house. During the investigation, a construction worker drives beside the house and begins to demolish it. Master Shake then gets into an argument with the construction worker who was tearing down the house. The next scene then reveals Master Shake lying in a hospital bead beside Meatwad, beaten into a severe state, in which he had two broken arms, bandages wrapped around his head (possibly due to a concussion), and large purple bruses that appear to be consuming his body. He most likely agrivated the construction worker to the point of beating him. Frylock then points out how the new show that they star in is not good at all. Master Shake then relized; For the new their new show to turn out well, that their would need to be more crime and action. So he leads the others to Dr. Weird's Laboratory and orders the others into Dr. Weird's "Hyper-Sleep Chamber". His plan was to freeze himself nine years into the future, in which their is more crime taking place. Uknown to Shake, however, Frylock and Meatwad actually held the door open so that the "Hyper-Sleep" would not be activated, and Master Shake would be the only one frozen. Frylock and Meatwad then ran off, while Master Shake had a large, green, arachnid-like alien creeping onto his face. The Creature then started to perform sexual intercourse with him for the nine years that were set to go by. Master Shake then awakens nine years later in the next scene, with a large brown mustache. The Alien hops off Shake and yanks a long red intestine from his throat, and begins to explain why he had "on and off" sex with him for the past nine years. It is then revealed that he deposited his eggs within him. Before he could finish, a bolt of lightning races out of the sky and kills him. Disgusted, Shake leaves his decaying body behind and hurries off to the abortion clinic, where he had all of the parasites removed. Afterwards, he stops by his house, now abandoned, trashed, and covered with spider-webs from the inside. Relizing that everything he knew and loved was gone, he collapses in the backyard and begins to mourn all of his losses.

Master Shake mourning over his abandoned old house and everything he cared about. He quickly runs over to Carl's house, to find George Lowe has moved in. He takes Shake to a warehouse filled with army equiptments, where two kids take his pipes, and were killed by Allen. Further concern grew to Shake on the lightning and how everything was free, at no charge. George shouts his complaints at Allen, and is soon killed. Shake tries to find the rest of the team as he calls them on a phone by a liquor store, and after two more calls, he grows more miserable, alone, and afraid, and finds himself surrounded by muggers, who (under circumstances of 'having a good day') only wanted to help him as he's lost. Shake is concerned on why they didn't want to stab him, and one of the muggers flips out, tries to stab him, and complains to Allen on 'having a good day,' and was killed afterwards. After further concerns, Shake was taken and abducted by Allen. He finds Allen has monitors viewing all over the Earth for 'bad deeds', for if Allen finds something bad done, he vaporizes them. Frylock and Meatwad were displayed on one of Allen's monitors, showing how they are without Shake. Meatwad suggests they go and find him. Shake demands he blasts Meatwad, but Allen says they're being good, as he shows Shake how he's been bad. After further conversation, Shake finds Allen is doing all this due to family issues with his father, for Allen was throwing a party and his brother Tommy lied his way out of the trouble caused. Shake claims to know Allen's father and tells him not to worry, for he's out of town. Allen convinces to 'party down' once more with Tommy. Meanwhile, Frylock and Meatwad were searching for Shake, and as they find one of the muggers who knew where he was, they face Allen's ship and badmouth's him. Frylock aggressively cusses at him, and Meatwad runs away, leaving Frylock to get killed. Allen leaves Shake in charge of his ship, and gets a sudden call. After finding Tommy has set his dad's ship is set on fire, Allen finds himself in trouble, and is vaporized.