Carl gets himself arrested for drinking and driving in a school zone late at night. Frylock bails him out and Carl gets a DUI, preventing him from driving. Carl now has Frylock flying him everywhere he wants to go. The next day, Carl tries to drive again, but is caught by his parole officer, who then gives Carl a device he has to breathe into to start the car, for if it detects any source of alcohol on his breath, it would not start. Carl then goes over to the trio's house, and convinces Meatwad to go with him to Melon Shakers, having him breath into the device and starting his car. Things backfire as the next day, Meatwad was drinking that night and could not get his car to start. He then had to drag Carl wherever he wanted to go. Soon Carl's parole officer finds him and Meatwad at the gas station, where he claims he doesn't know Carl and vice versa, as Carl told him that night they were out. Frylock finds them and takes them back home, where the trio intervenes about Carl. Shake says they hate to see him destroy himself like this and suggests he does something big. Frylock suggests he accepts Jesus into his heart, but Carl thinks he and Jesus don't really "see eye to eye." Frylock takes Carl to the musem to show him all the artifacts on Jesus. Shake tries to take His "special underwear," and gets sliced through the lasers. Back home, Frylock puts the hair from the museum into the cloner, and out comes Jesus' gay hairdresser, Rupert. Frylock suggests he tries to tell Carl all about his savior, but Carl tries to get him to blow into the device to start his car, and drives away with Rupert.


  • This episode has no opening sequence with Dr. Weird.
  • This episode is rated TV-14-DLV.
  • The team are living in their old house once again.
  • This is the first episode to show Melon Shakers, the gentleman's club always mentioned by Carl in MC Pee Pants (episode).
  • Frylock is revealed to be a Christian believer, but he wasn't since The Dressing and Bible Fruit.
  • Meatwad thinks "fart" is a bad word, but he did say it since Total Re-Carl.
  • That store that Meatwad drags Carl to is the same one in The Meat Zone.
  • Shake suggest Carl does something he can at least tweet about, possibly pointing out he is on Twitter.