Shake drives his new hummer into Seattle to visit his therapist. There, he tells him all about his encounter with the Creditor. Told in flashback, Shake first signs a contract to the Creditor, in which he threatens Shake to it. As Shake continues his story, he and the Creditor went to a night club, only for the Creditor to murder the women he hung out with. Out in a wasteland, Shake buries their bodies. Shake and the Creditor go to another night club, only for him to murder the DJ. Once again, Shake buries the murdered bodie in the wasteland. After a while, Shake results into hiding from the Creditor. After meeting up with him in the front lawn, Shake tells him he cannot hang with him any longer. Soon, the Creditor starts killing Shake's friends, except Meatwad, who has no bones. After killing Frylock, the Creditor grows tired and irritated. Shake tells him that if he wants to hunt people, he should stick to hobos and prostitutes. As Shake concludes his story, the Creditor has found Shake, destroyed his hummer, and killed him (and his therapist), where the entire setting was a bedtime story told by the Creditor to his two children.


  • This episode is rated TV-14 DLSV.
  • Master Shake is seen watching Soul Quest Overdrive while hiding from the Creditor.
  • Everyone (except Meatwad) dies in this episode.
  • Much like Freedom Cobra, this episode opens with the caption Seattle.