Shake is out with Carl in his backyard, sunbathing and wanting to go inside his pool. Dusk eventually falls, and vampire bats strike, taking Shake with them. The next day, Meatwad finds their old landlord Marcula on television, being interviewed. Shake comes back, showing to be bitten and infected. Meatwad cannot let him in, but he's determined to, and he eventually does. Shake is shown to be bitten everywhere but his jock. The Squad goes off to Marcula's cave in search of him, and there Frylock and Meatwad leave Shake by himself to confront Marcula and his goons, only to find out he is truly immune to the Vampirus. Shake soon gets himself on television, being interviewed as to how Marcula was earlier. He shows off his t-shirt reading "I'm Immune" and "Hot Dong", pointing downward to his jock. He gives out his message to all women and gives off his number. ...then goes off in an act of rage. Frylock then gives the vampire vaccine to Carl so he can be vampire-free. That night, Carl still ends up getting attacked by vampire bats. Shake goes outside to splash the blood from the vaccine on him. Meatwad lets Carl and the bats inside. The Squad hides in Meatwad's room, where Shake is thinking of names for the vaccine. He eventually puts on garlic deoderant, which drove the vampires and Marcula away. Frylock shows this off in an interview, and Shake destroys the TV in jealousy and rage. He goes outside to poor steak sauce on himself, only to attract bears, who eventually attack him.


  • Marcula returns in this episode.
  • Frylock pulls out the Volume 6 DVD and advertizes it.
  • The episode Couples Skate is flashed back.
  • This episode is rated TV-14 DLV.
  • This episode once more starts off with the caption "Seattle."
  • The lab is brought up, only for Shake to call it out as Frylock's bedroom.
  • The episode Freedom Cobra is flashed back to Shake kicking the dog Bobby/Shenandoah.
  • Shake's phone number is 201-555-0156.